5×6 bed

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with a stylish design, this wooden bed headboard gives your bed frame a complete look and will suit any bedroom premium material, mahogany wood is a beautiful natural material. mahogany wood has a straight grain and the knots give the material its signature. the headboard gives while adding a natural element to the room. comfortable support. this bed header provides you with excellent back support when sitting up in bed to read or watch moves

made out of : Maston board wood

 finishing: natural stain

Bed size: 5×6 bed

more bed: 4×6,6×6 and 6×7

timber status: well-seasoned

bed status: strong, light, and easy to assemble

assembling method: by joints

batten made out of : pine and 6mm plywood

mattress type: any

price: Affordable

guarantee: one year

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