executive chair

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combining gorgeously detailed nkalati and natural stain finish chair with foam  on the seat, the executive chair suits a wide variety of interior looks, sturdy yet space enhancing its shape is timelessly minimalist .executive chair does it in all styles

made from premium quality materials delivering a durable chair perfect for everyday use

>chair dimensions

seat height: 18”

back height: 48”

seat wide:24” by 25”

>in addition

guarantee: one year

price: Affordable

yogerako naffe

2 nkalati stands 55 4 4
2 nkalati stands 31 4 4
1 nkalati back panel 55 26
2 nkalati side panel 24 20
1 nkalati front panel 26 20
2 nkalati side rails 24 5
1 nkalati front rail 26 5
2 nkalati side rails 28 3
2 nkalati side rails 26 3
2 nkalati beading 84 1
2 nkalati armrest 26


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